Anti Roll Bars + Torsion Bars


Anti Roll Bars

The production of Anti Roll Bars or Stabilizer Bars is another speciality of TSL.

Bars of various sizes and forms can be produced in bar sizes up to 70mm diameter.

For large production volumes we have specialist forming presses but also have the ability for hand forming smaller batches.

With precision machining of end holes and in house shot-peening and coating facilities, bars provided by TSL are of the highest standard.

Our heavy duty Anti Roll Bars can be found on a variety of commercial and specialist vehicles, form buses and trucks, refuse and re-cycling vehicles, road sweepers and emergency service vehicles.

Torsion Bars

Square section torsion bars for tail Lifts are also produced by TSL here in our Sheffield factory.

Manufactured from precision cold drawn Chrome Vanadium spring steel and hardened and tempered to achieve optimum spring properties our torsion bars are fitted to many leading brand Tail Lifts.



Making springs for industry

Key facts:

  • Anti roll bars
  • Tail lift torsion bars
  • Precision machining
  • In house Shot-peening & Coating
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